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News And Events  June 2014

Attention Students!

LACC logo    Los Angeles City College, in collaboration with Crescent College, is now offering a series of classes at the Crescent College campus. These classes are free of charge to all residents of Huntington Park and the surrounding community! The next classes begin in June 2014.
Call 323-585-2222 for more information.

The next Phlebotomy class begins on 06/14/2014. Registration is now taking place. For more information on classes, click here

Crescent College is proud to consider itself the first private vocational institution in LA County to "step up to the plate" and put the needs of the community first. For this reason, the college has established unique relationships with various agencies in order to launch the Community@Work program. A main goal of the program is to help students avoid taking on large debt (federal student loans) when they retrain for a new career. For more information, call 323-585-2222.

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June 2014- Registration is Open!
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2014 - LACC Job readiness course

June 2014 days/nights - Next Phlebotomy class